Research and Development (R&D)

Amazing Product Ranges! Reduced Cost!

Trustex was launched with the promise of developing innovative fabrics for the customers. Over time we have fulfilled the needs of many customers that required products currently unavailable in the market or available only through international markets. We have strived to make our products better by understanding the exact requirements of the customer. We proudly boast of the most qualified team for R&D in the country for our industry!

However our R&D Department boasts not of the number of products it has successfully developed, but the number of companies it has helped in reducing the cost of their raw-materials. By understanding the exact requirement of the customer, we are able to customize the product such that its cost of production goes down or the quantity of product required by the customer goes down!

Some accomplishments of our R&D Department:

  • Successfully customized a product and provided it in a lower gsm with no compromise to its original purpose thus reducing the quantity required and reducing the cost for the customer

  • Successfully developed a product earlier only available through international markets. This highly eased the customers dependent on quantity and compromise on color

  • Successfully developed a technical fabric used for filter purposes

  • Successfully developed a technical fabric used to disperse pressure over an area thus increasing the life of the product it was pasted on

  • Successfully customized a product and increased its production at our end which enabled us to provide the product at a considerably less price